A film should be something which can share the audience feels. It is the only way to portray a life in the dark light. We, the Mist Cinemas provides you an experience with entertainment at its best. Creativity is our key to success. Primarily, we are playing the role of audience and we ensure that the end product is in tune with the changing concepts of the viewers. The team of Mist is rich with very imaginative individuals and their team spirit is our prosperity mystery.

We are committed to delivering quality contents to our valuable viewers. We always try to provide the best entertainers with a good message to the viewers. That is, our ultimate aim is to produce creative films that influence people’s mind positively and make the people think differently. We are grateful to be a part of this big industry. We are attempting to stamp our mark in an astonishing platform like the silver screen. The Mist group is responsible for giving open doors for the new faces and finding the genuine abilities in you. Creative view and the intelligent way of execution is the secret behind our success.